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Foligen-BottlesLoss and thinning of hair in both men and women are a common problem which nearly targets the hair cycle in the follicles and under protein formulas. Foligen is a hair growth supplement designed and perfect for men. For an average male shredding fifty to hundreds of hair strands, each day is not a big day. You would hardly notice these things if your hair cycle is normal. For people over 40s and signs of hair loss, thinning, and gray hair is common problems which simply rely on the low cycle of hair growth. The procedure of shredding hair strands and growing new hair from the follicles is the natural hair growth cycle within both men & female. People with aging symptoms often notice their receding hairlines and thinning of roots enabling bald patches on the head. These are the common signs in men related to hair problems.

All about Foligen   

Foligen is a male hair growth formula backed up by a scientifically acclaimed research of Hair Restoration. This hair re-growth formula is made for men of all ages. Hair loss or incomplete hair cycle doesn’t know an age that’s why it can happen to anyone at any age. People often neglect their hair health; as a result, they have suffered from series of hair problems listed below:

  1. Male Pattern Baldness
  2. Alopecia Areata
  3. Gray Hair
  4. Hair loss & Damages
  5. Short follicle growth

Treating several hair problems is one of the priorities of our product. When hair loses its strength, growth and vital proteins they really need professional help in a great manner. The reality is harsh as not everyone could carry the expenses of hair transplants, surgeries, and restoration. That’s why we intended to create a better solution by including a more prominent solution to male pattern baldness. By utilizing herbal solutions and natural ingredients to fix root causes of hair loss it naturally works underneath the follicles layers within the skin to promote best benefits.


The Active Ingredients of Foligen

To support natural hair growth cycle and strengthen hair to keep them healthy you probably need an advanced level of expertise to suit the needs of follicles and hair after growth. For the best results, the makers of this hair growth supplement strongly believe in natural growth factor which depends upon the endocrine system produced in the body. Mainly the low testosterone problem has a great role in receding hairlines and maturing problems in men. As low testosterone levels mainly affect the masculine traits which also include scalp hair. As testosterone levels tend to decrease DHT(Dihydrotestosterone) naturally increases accelerating aging symptoms in the body. So the listed ingredients are prepared to fight DHT and rejuvenate follicles for newly grown hair:

  1. Fo-Ti – is a Chinese herbal medicine known for its health benefits. This formula is extracted from the vine of the climbing tree. It is supposed to increase hair proteins to make hair look healthy, silk and natural color.
  2. Vitamin B7- One of the most important elements in Foligen is Vitamin B7 also known as Biotin. This is not a single vitamin bit a complex multivitamin compound which includes benefits related to the cardiovascular, nervous and digestive system.
  3. Restoring Ingredients- Apart from growth hormones and multivitamins it also has several other herbal compounds and hair restoring ingredients which are very helpful in several ways. For e.g. Folic Acid, Vitamin B1 and B6, Calcium Carbonate, Vitamin A and C. To know more just visit its official page.

Why do you need to buy Foligen?

Both men & women experience these kinds of troubles in life some may experience it soon and some may experience it later. That’s why it’s better to be ready for hair loss. If you are among those who face premature aging reflection due to receding hairlines and bald patches then it’s time to think about it. The loss was never permanent as it simply depends upon the methods and applications you have been using on your hair. People normally use shampoo, hair oils, conditions and tons of chemical-filled products. But now you don’t have to worry about a thing because we are providing a natural and herbal care solution named Foligen with the help of this product you can easily have fuller, lavish and thick hair strands to make your hair look beautiful. It’s a complete hair restoration formula.


Ideal Benefits of Foligen Hair Growth Formula

  1. Treats root causes of hair loss in men

Finding out the root cause of any kind of hair problem is a bit stressing process. As many Dermatologists stated that most of the hair problems arise due to hormonal imbalance in men. Low testosterone effects and increase in DHT(Dihydrotestosterone) would simply create an unbalancing environment which is not favourable for hair growth cycle.

  1. Supports Hair Growth In Follicles

When the hair growth cycle gets disturbed the more it needs to rejuvenate hair follicles naturally. This supplement easily works under a natural system of growth by rejuvenating follicles root. The growth of hair starts from the roots which are made up of cells protein. Blood from the blood vessels simply feed the roots. Then the growth happens and hair gets pushed up through the scalp.

  1. Protects from environmental damages and scalp problems

Growing a healthy hair on the scalp is not the big issue as there are many hair growth products are available in the market with worthy claims that you can trust. But what truly differentiates us from others is that we take care of your newly grown hair on the scalp. New hair needs sebum and hair-supporting nutrients to continue their growth from outside. The same we try to provide with the help of utilizing ingredients into our product’s method.

  1. improves the levels of thickness and fullness

Hair really reflects our style in the best way possible. Men take care of their face, clothes, and style but for hair problems, they are simply empty-handed. So to rejuvenate hair length, size, and color you can try our formula to get promising benefits. Hair color, strength and cycle period needs proteins and vitals with assisting nutrients. With growing age low levels of hormones and increasing signs of aging naturally, destroys levels of proteins. That’s why to achieve fully grown hair you need Foligen.

Where to buy?

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